Infographics for Pinterest: An Introduction to Audience and Goals

Pinterest is a beautiful place for when looking for inspiration and pretty images, therefore, some industries strive and some do not work on this platform.

I personally use it all the time as part of my creative process in the discovery and inspirations stage.

Infographics are very much loved by Pinterest, and they can bring lots of love to your profile, but they can be tricky.

According to Pinterest, these are the industries that perform the best on the platform:


Because Pinterest is a visual platform and people are most of the time visual learners it is a no brainer that it is a great tool for content marketing.

Although Pinterest is ranked number 11 in a top created by, I know that many bloggers and creatives drive insane amounts of traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest recently extended their ads in France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Austria and they introduced carousel ads. This move not only expands the audience but creates a bigger and diverse audience.

Pinterest is believed to be for arts and crafts, but I believe any niche can strive on it.

The e-book bellow offers helps you figure out if your industry can make be successful on Pinterest and offers a list of Infographic Ideas for the top 10 most successful industries on Pinterest.

In order to figure out if your business, service or product can strive on Pinterest you have to ask a few questions:

1. What is my goal?

Pinterest can help you build brand awareness and drive consideration.

Brand awareness means that you are helping people discover your brand via visual content.

This goal is more a long term goal and it offers you the possibility to test and experiment different creative perspective that works for your audience.

Example of infographics that can reach this goal:

1. My process

2. Though leader infographics based on data

3. Beautiful minimalist illustrations

Driving consideration means increasing traffic, leads, sales, and app install.

Infographics are a great way to reach this goal.

Example of infographics that can reach this goal:

1. How to make something

2. Presentation Infographic

3. Educational Infographics

4. Sells infographics (selling a book, pdf, etc)

5. Funny, quirky Infographics

2. Is my industry in the 20 most successful industries on Pinterest?

The best way to figure out if your business is in the top 20, is to look at your own analytics.

Here is how you can see what industries are best ranked.

I believe that any industry that sells a product or a service can make it on Pinterest if their visuals are interesting and inspiring.

One example is the cleaning industry. How many of you are interested in tutorials about how to clean faster and easier? I know I am.

4. Do I have the content and the story that would interest and inspire other people?

Let's be honest, we go on Pinterest for a dose of positivity and inspiration.

We look for spending more time with the people we love, and products we feel good about using.

Your brand should be able to create a totally positive experience that makes people happy, that create emotion when it shows up in their feed.

We are not talking just about offering context in the copy, but we talk about offering emotion and value with the visuals.

So, the question is, do you have the tools, the content and the value to create a positive experience for your audience?

Here are a few ways you could create a positive experience:

Build authentic connections:

It means that you have to vocalize what your brand cares about, your beliefs, and showing how you get involved in it. This helps your customer relate with your brand and assures them you care about the quality of their life.

Related to sharing your brand values and believes can be inspiring people to take stands and be involved in bigger problems.

Though your campaign, you can inspire join a bigger movement, for instance, get involved in the mental health community, donate blood, help other people or the environment.

5. Do I have the design resources to help me reach my goals?

As we all know, PInterest is a highly visual platform. Only the most beautiful, well-thought infographics get repinned and reshared.

It is not that hard though:

Five essential tips for great Pins

The best Pins are visually compelling, tell a good story and make people want to learn more. It isn’t hard to make great Pins—just follow a few simple rules.

1. Your design must be eye-catching

Bright and pales colours are the most appreciated and loved on Pinterest.

Of course, your design must be high-quality and must stand out.

The images must always follow the recommended 2:3 aspect ratio.

2. Make your brand the focal point

Branding is so important at this point. You must use same color scheme, some kind images and look and feel.

3. Give context

The best way to convince people to buy your product is to show them exactly how can be used. Don’t be shy showing how your product works or how can be used.

4. Include your logo

You must add your logo on each Pin so everybody can associate the image with your brand. If you are Pinning a product you will want your audience know where to buy it from. The logo doesn’t have to big and too obvious, but must be there.

5. Add text overlay to tell a better story

Many bloggers add a little bit of text on their teaser images. Infographics are much better because they combine text + images and offer way more context and information than a regular photo or illustration.

5. What are my analytics?

Pinterest offers great insights to your analytics but doesn’t share many details like what hashtags work and what do not.

You can look at your most popular post and see what you did differently with that post.

If you have a website, Google Analytics and or Google Webmaster can offer invaluable data about who your audience is and what keywords they use to get to your website.