Salute Magazine

Salute Magazine


Salute! is produced by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) to provide Veterans and their families with information on departmental policies, programs and services.

In 2018, VAC decided to redesign the magazine and bring me in to create a more modern and cleaner version meant to highlight six new and two enhanced benefits that became available on April 1, 2018, as well as the recently announced Pension for Life.

Salute! was part of a bigger plan that is mainly meant to modernize the communication tools and create assets that are user orientated.

My role was to art direct the magazine, design the layout, decide on photography, collaborate with the project manager and design some of the illustrations. I also made sure the web pdf is accessible for visually impaired readers.



The structure of the new layout is based on the past editions but the overall look is simplified and modernized. While the purpose of the magazine was to mostly inform on the new and updated programs, the focus was hearing out the veterans, so we had two featured veterans who told their stories. Natasha is featured on the French version and John is featured on the English version. We wanted to have both of them on the main cover but the circumstances didn’t allow to, so we decided to approach the situation a little bit different.


Salute! (Eng)

Master Warrant Officer John O’Neill.


Salut! (Fr)

Veterans Master Corporal (Retired) Natacha Dupuis .


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