I create designs that get results

Design is not just design anymore. A strong collaboration and a cohesive message is a must. I am working as part of a team and I identify how design can reach goals and get results.

“Don’t bait your hook with food you like. Bait your hook with food fish like”

Jonathan Stark



I start by having a consultation session.

It is important to figure out if we have the same perspective on things. I like listening to the story.

Every brand has a story. I listen about colours, fonts, what worked in the past and what didn’t. I ask questions that matter and I strategically create a plan that fits your goals.



Next, I am taking time to play with ideas that eventually will be presented to in the form of sketches.

Sketching takes less time and it helps you figure out what I am visualizing.

The sketches will help you understand the direction, the style, and the look and feel of the design I chose.



Believe it or not, this is not the most important part. This is only the result of good collaboration and strategy.

The design will be created to support your goals, not your personal likes or dislikes.

You will receive drafts and continuous support during the marketing campaign.

Sounds good?