What is the goal of your infographic?

When ever I start working on an infographic, one of the first things I ask my clients is "what is your goal?". Notice I asked what is your GOAL, not the goals. This is an important detail because an infographic can only reach one goal. Sometimes two goals are reached, but I do not start with that expectation. When I aim for a certain goal, I use a certain execution and result. 

Maybe it is too much to say an infographic can have just one goal at the time. Let's say we prioritize the goals and adapt our expectations to your needs. This way, we know what results we are looking for and we can measure our success. 

In case you do not know what goals your infographic project can reach, here are the most common goals and objectives: 

Get likes and shares on social media. This means a short and useful infographic. 

What ti pack for France Infographic

Sell a product in a more playful, easy going manner.  Instead of using aggressive ads, you can create a nice infographic that talks about your product or service. 

Online business infographic

Become a thought leader through infographics is one of the most successful methods because it proves your know your industry. They are usually the result of research. Example: annual reports, studies, etc. 

Medical Infographic

Show a timeline. This means "Here is what happened during all this time" kind of thing. 

Personal history timeline

Simplify a complex process. People do not like things they do not understand. Use metaphors that help people understand better or fully your complex product or service. 

How it works infographic

Brand awareness. Some brands decide to just create an infographic because they want to keep active and cool on the web. 

Christmas Infographic

Always tell a story. 

I believe finding a creative way to reach any of these goals is a MUST. Do not be afraid of using metaphors when choosing your story.

Don't be boring! Tell a story!