5 tips and tricks for a rock-star infographic

infographic design tips and tricks

Everybody wants to be able to create cool infographics, but what makes a rockstar infographic?! Below I reveal five of my personal tips: 

1. Good Copy

I always say: "A good copy makes a good infographic".

I strongly believe that if you have good text and data, the design process will be a breeze. A good copy should be very well organized, meaning it should have a title, introductory phrase, stats and data in bullet points, sources and contact info. The text gives the designer the opportunity to easily organize the information visually. An organized text stimulates the creative mind and helps create a better story. Here is a very good example. 

2. Storytelling

Storytelling is the secret ingredient to a viral infographic. A good story can convince, persuade and burst emotion in your readers. Finding the perfect story relies on the open communication between the brand managers and creatives. All stories should have no more than two goals. You can sell a product, inform, sensitize or become a thought leader. Be bold and creative with your stories!

3. Consistency in Design Style

Consistency keeps the design looking organized, clean and easy to follow. Small details such as colours, stroke thickness, graph style, and illustration style make an infographic look professional. There should always be a visual hierarchy between elements as well. 

4. Research and Sources

Finding reliable sources for your data can sometimes be quite a hassle. I recommend filtering your google searches with the most recent articles and research. Government stats and research reports are the gold mines, but I would not eliminate articles that mention data with the original source either.  Thumbs up for those company who have their own data or had a research company to create a report for them. When you find the data you need, keep track of the links. You will be using them later in the source section for your infographic. Keep in mind that mentioning the sources is also very important. 

5. Shareability

Here are two ways you can make your infographic more shareable on social media:

1. Use a teaser. I usually use the header of the infographic and a call to action that stirs curiosity in the reader. 

2. Create an infographic that has various sections. This way, you can use each section individually on social media. You can have up seven sections. Hey, that's a week's worth of posts! 

I hope you enjoyed these helpful tips and tricks about how to create a rockstar infographic!

Do you have any other tips? 

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