101 workshop

I am offering 101 training to one lucky person who registers for my course " Pinterest Infographics for More Traffic and Brand Awareness". The class includes tips and tricks, details about setting your goal,  choosing the right size, how to write the copy, and how to share it properly to reach your goal. 

In addition to that, the lucky winner will receive 2 free layouts and 5 creative ideas for inspiration that they can use freely and create their own infographic. 

You can register here:

The contest ends April 30th and the winner will be announced in the same day.

The winner can be from anywhere in this world, as long as they can connect to the internet. 


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I believe in helping small business owner create amazing visuals that bring value to their business.


In this Skillshare course will show you how to create Pinterest worthy images and generate more traffic for your website.

Here is what the course contains:

1. Hello, nice to meet you!

2. The best industries and topics

3. What goals you can achieve 

4. Three creative resources and ideas

5. Design principles and layout ideas

6. The perfect size and other elements that make an Infographic perfect for Pinterest

7. How to share and market a Pinterest Infographic

8. Using good titles and tags for your infographic

9. How to connect your Pinterest Infographic to your website

10. Create your own infographic and share your results

Before registering, find out if your business can benefit from this course